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January 2017
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Re-stocking The Flock

Re-stocking the flock

Well we are thinking about adding some ‘white’ egg layers to our flock so we have three colours of egg.

So selecting a new breed we first considered our present flock of chickens. We were advised that caution should be shown when adding to an established flock, as a ‘pecking’ order will be well established. Also size and amazingly colour of chickens that are added need to be considered, as the new chickens will become an instant ‘target’ to the flock. Thus new breeds of chicken need to be added in sufficient numbers so as not to become a target from the other chickens in the flock.

It is amazing how breed personality traits show through in the chickens. The ISA brown chickens  are reknown for being easy going, healthy, friendly girls and YES they really are! The ISA brown s will happily let my 3 year old son catch them and pet them. Administering mite/lice powders or medication is also fairly easy to accomplish with the gentle ISA brown chicken. They are also reliable nearly every day layers of medium – large light brown eggs into relatively old age.

We have one Cuckoo maran chicken so it is difficult to generalise her personality to the breed. But from what i have researched she is fairly typical! The cuckoo maran chicken is flighty to say the least. Much to my childrens annoyance they have never been able to catch her. Even age does not seem to slow the chicken down. The cuckoo maran lays on average every 2-3 days a dark brown medium sized egg. However maintence health checks and medication administration is virtually impossible with this chicken. It takes at least three of us to catch her!

The cream legbar chickens are also a fairly nervous, flighty bird. However they seem slightly larger and less agile than the cuckoo maran chicken. This makes it somewhat easier to catch them, although they have quite a peck on them! Needless to say they are the childrens least favourite chicken!

So the search continues for a docile, friendly, large white egg laying chicken  that will adapt into our flock easily. We have room for 4 new chickens so hope they will be a big enough ‘gang’ on their own to stand up to our original chickens. Any suggestions gratefully received!